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25/11/2021 Update

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Not Just a Game

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S4 Parental communication - Parents Evening System

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24/09/2021 Update
Letter to schools on vaccination of 12 to 15 year olds

Any pupils who missed the Flu vaccine in school can contact 0800 1303120 with any queries.

Letter from CMO 22/09/2021

Please find a link to the Higher English and Mathematics Youtube Resource on the English, Maths or Family learning via Online Support pages.

16/09/2021 Update

09/09/2021 Update

2021-2022 Reporting Calendar

03/09/2021 Update

Please make pupils aware Flu vaccines (nasal spray) will take place in the Games Hall on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th September.
S1 - S3 on Wednesday 15th September
S4 - S6 on Thursday 16th September
Thank you

Photographs for S4 and S6 pupils will be taken on Tuesday, 26th October 2021

26/08/2021 Update

23/08/2021 Update

19/08/2021 Update

PE Extra Curricular Timetable 2021-22

17/08/2021 Update

August 2021 Restart Guide for Parents
Summary letter for Parents - August 2021
Summary letter for Pupils - August 2021