CLPL - Professional Development at Braes High

Braes High School runs an extensive programme of in-house CLPL sessions led by staff. This involves a mix of both virtual and in-person sessions where staff use their expertise on a range of learning and teaching strategies. The aim of these sessions is to recognise strengths within our current teaching practice and share these across the school. Our CLPL programme is informed by pupil voice, parental feedback and staff observations. Our CLPL programmes have both individual sessions focused on particular aspects of learning and teaching. Alongside this, we also have blocked programmes made up of several sessions with a specific focus such as "Blended Learning" and "Closing the Attainment Gap".

Moving forward, we are happy to support colleagues in other schools with any questions they may have on specific sessions we have delivered. As part of our reflective practices, we would welcome collegiate working and the sharing of good practice.

Please see snapshots below of some of our sessions led by staff so far. If you would like to find out more please contact or

Blended Learning

Active Learning

Developing Independent Learners


Higher Order Thinking

Revision Strategies

Closing the Attainment Gap

Alternative Evidence Gathering

Getting Learning Through Difficult Situations