Family Support

Family Support at Braes High School

At Braes High we thrive on supporting each and every pupil to realise their potential for excellence and achieve the very best outcomes for all. This page is designed to help you access the variety of supports available at Braes.

Cost of the School Day

Family Support

Braes Backpacks
Braes Backpacks are available to all new S1 pupils and will be provided before the start of the new school year. These backpacks have been put together by our Senior pupils and contain everything you need for a positive start at Braes, including some helpful advice from our S6 Leavers.

If you would like to sign up for a Braes Backpack email HERE

FAB Uniform Exchange
Our parents group, Friends at Braes, run a successful uniform exchange in school. If your child requires any item of school uniform, there is a room full of freshly laundered clothing available. This is a confidential service and you can request items by emailing HERE

Extra-Curricular events, Trips, etc.
Braes Onwards & Upwards programme has Pupil Equity Funding available from the Scottish Government to support families with the cost of school. If you are struggling to meet the ever increasing costs of your child's uniform, trips, extra-curricular activities etc. you can request support for Funding from the Onwards & Upwards programme by emailing HERE

If you would like support funding a trip please email HERE

If you would like support with the cost of items required for a specific subject email HERE

Pop-Up Shops
As part of our programme to reduce, reuse and recycle at Braes we have recently introduced clothing pop-up shops. These events provide FREE and high quality clothing for pupils and their families. You can view our items for our latest pop-up shop HERE

If you would like support with non-uniform clothing items please email HERE

Family Support
Family Support

Breakfast Club
Our award-winning Breakfast Club is open to all pupils every Wednesday and Friday. Pupils entitled to FSM are also able to get a free breakfast.
For help with breakfast club please email HERE

Digital Learning
We have a limited number of digital devices available for our young people to use to support Home Learning. These devices are available to young people as part of our Onwards & Upwards programme.
If you would like more information on this programme please email HERE

Free School Meals
Falkirk Council can provide Free School Meals, and payment towards the cost of school clothing and footwear (clothing grants) to the value of £120.00 per child/per year.
To be eligible, you should normally be resident in the Falkirk Council area and your child(ren) must attend any primary, special or secondary school managed by Falkirk Council. Payments may also be made where pupils are attending schools outside the area in limited circumstances.
If you would like more information on whether or not you can apply for Free Meal Entitlement please click HERE

EMA is a weekly allowance of £30 which you may be able to get if you are:
• aged 16 to 19
• attend a Falkirk school, or
• work under an Activity Agreement
If you attend Forth Valley College, you'll need to contact them to apply.
You'll need to meet the terms of your Learning Agreement, and will usually only get EMA for a week where you have 100% attendance.
Check if you are eligible by visiting the EMA Scotland website.

If you would like help to apply for EMA please email HERE

If you would like support to apply for FME, Clothing Grant or an EMA please click HERE

Benefits Advisor
We are working with a Benefits Advisor to ensure our young people and their families have access to all the support they are entitled to. If you would like to book an appointment with our Benefits Advisor please email HERE

Health & Well-being

Talk to me
Support from staff and pupils to help young people who may be struggling with mental health and/or having suicidal thoughts. The drop-in service runs at break and lunch in the room next to the medical suite. Talk to me listeners can be identified by their green lanyards and badges. Parent/Carer training is available.

Braes Buddies/ Reading with Dogs

In partnership with Canine Concern Trust Scotland our therapet, Jamie, provides support in literacy as well as helping pupils with anxiety/control issues to relax and deregulate.

Family Support
Family Support

Nurture Base - Be The Best You Can Be
The Best of You Base provides a number of pupils with a safe, nurturing environment before school, which has proved a valuable success in preparing pupils for their day ahead. A lunchtime drop in is also used by a large number of pupils of all ages.

MVP Room for Pupils
Our Braes High fully trained Mentors in Violence Prevention have a room in the Guidance corridor where pupils can go and discuss any issues that are worrying them.

Falkirk & District Association for Mental Health
FDAMH offer several courses for parents, including Mindfulness & Managing Anxiety. Contact 01324 671600 for more information.

Open Doors
Listening Service
We provide a Confidential Listening Advisor service 3 days per week at Braes High. Pupils can drop-in or arrange an appointment with Cheryl in the Guidance Interview Room.

Support with Learning

Braes on Screen/Bites
Major events in the school are filmed and placed on our YouTube channel so you can keep up to date. Braes Bites are short videos to support home learning.

Family Support

Braes Brains
Provides peer tutoring to assist pupils with homework and coursework tasks. BB work one to one or in classes in small groups.

Braes Learning Together-Family Group
A parent/carer support group meets regularly in the school.

Family Learning Calendar
Parents/Carers have several opportunities throughout the session, where they are invited into school to see the methods of teaching used in a variety of subjects. These events always have very positive feedback.

Supported Study/cafes
All departments offer pupils the chance to go over class work at after school supported study sessions. If your child attends supported study and has difficulty getting home, we are able to provide transport. Supported study cafes run regularly throughout the year.