Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities at Braes High School

Braes High School currently offers pupils a wide range of lunchtime and after school activities, including Braes Youth Theatre, badminton, rugby, gymnastics, basketball, film club, computing and Maths Club. There are also regular trips to a variety of European countries. We have an outstanding Music Department which organises a wide range of concerts and musical evenings. A successful development in recent years has been the introduction of a number of after school Supported Study programmes to provide pupils in S4-S6 with additional tuition and help for the SQA Examinations.There is a Senior Social Space which is for S5 and S6 pupils. For younger pupils (S1-S4) we have opened up the Assembly Hall/Dining Room for pupils to sit in at breaks and at the start of the day, especially in inclement weather. At break times our school radio station, Braes Beat, plays music for entertainment.We have a garden area and an apple orchard.


Extra Curricular Activities

Braes Eco Club

The Braes Eco Club meets weekly at lunchtime to work on creative and practical projects chosen by members of the club. The club's wider objective is to achieve a Green Flag Award through Eco-Schools Scotland by showing our commitment to learning for sustainability.

Eco-Schools Scotland is designed to promote whole-school action which encourages young people to engage with their local environment and to actively work to protect it.

This year we have focused on three aims which were identified during our sustainability audit: biodiversity, litter and waste, and global citizenship. Our current projects include:

  • Improving recycling across the school
  • Reducing single-use plastic and litter in and around the school and local community
  • Encouraging more bees and butterflies by maintaining the wildlife garden
  • Providing safe and warm places for wildlife by building hedgehog huts and bug hotels
  • Sharing project ideas with our partner school Holy Ghost in Zimbabwe
  • Raising awareness and collaborating on practical solutions surrounding climate change
  • Supporting a charity which helps protect and raise awareness around habitat loss and endangered animals
  • Participating in the Young Reporters for the Environment project

If you would like to see updates on our progress, please follow us on twitter @BraesEco!

If you would like to see updates on our progress, please follow us on twitter @BraesEco

Extra Curricular Activities
Extra Curricular Activities