Pupil Council

Pupil Council

Pupil Council

Pupil Council provides a platform for our pupils' voices to be heard on ideas and issues regarding their school. Representatives are able to engage with decision making which impacts them, fostering a school-wide and forward-thinking approach. Pupil Council representatives work in partnership with our Senior Management Team, Resource Manager, Parent Council, Campus Police Officer, Community Councils and pupils to make positive changes around the school. Pupil Council has been involved in school-wide consultations, leading the 'Fighting Period Poverty' campaign, participating in the Choices for Life competition, fundraising, contributing to various changes with our school's values at the heart of what representatives become involved in.

  • Leadership opportunities for staff and pupils
  • Ownership for own learning and progress
  • Development of skills for learning, work and life
  • Community involvement/citizenship
  • Building constructive relationships

Pupil Council News

All the latest news from the Pupil Council

August - December News

Both Junior and Senior council groups having been meeting up once per month to discuss issues important to the pupils and staff of Braes High School. The Pupil Council have made excellent progress in contributing to the school so far this session, consulting and working with their peers, teachers and the school Senior Management Team to make improvements including:

  • Designing a new Pupil Council logo
  • Initiating a change to the school day for junior pupils
  • Working with staff to contribute to the planning for school Interhouse Events
  • Contributing ideas for the Junior Award Ceremony
  • Consulting with the Senior Management Team on improvements needed in and around school and agreeing budget spending
  • Consulting with Falkirk Council on the new GIRFEC logo
  • Organising a Period Poverty programme to ensure safe access to sanitary products
  • Evaluating on-going SQA procedures
  • Discussing Covid and Blended learning arrangements
Pupil Council
Pupil Council
Pupil Council

Pupil Council is an important aspect of our school to provide pupils with the platform to voice their ideas and making decisions about improvements to our ethos so we are keen to continue this to benefit our school. We have a growing list of representatives who have had amazing achievements as a Pupil Council so far!

This year, Pupil Council will have:

  • Monthly Junior and Senior Meetings (Usually Thursday period 3)
  • a Pupil Council Representative per form class (huge thanks to Guidance for your help on recruitment!)
  • Agenda & Minutes on the school website
  • Twitter account: @PupilCouncilBHS
  • E-mail address: braespupilcouncil@outlook.com
  • Pupil Council Teams page

Article 12: The right to an opinion
Article 15: The right to join clubs and groups