English and Media

Welcome to the English and Media faculty at Braes High School.

We believe that a high level of fluency in English is a key factor in unlocking the curriculum across the school; a high level of critical media literacy is essential to navigate the modern world. The English and Media faculty are a team of dedicated professionals who work collaboratively to encourage a desire to learn, critical thinking and respect for every individual.

What we expect in this faculty:

Rigour - if it is worth doing, then do it to the best of your ability.
Aspiration - always try to be the best version of you, everyone else is already taken.
Perseverance - never give up on yourself, because we never will.

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Mark Rooney

Acting Faculty Head of English and Media

Emma Horne

Teacher of English

Mairi Rae

Teacher of English

Donna Allan

Teacher of English

Lindsey Rooney

Teacher of English

Heather Stevenson

Teacher of English

Garry McIntosh

Teacher of English and Media