Family Learning

Our philosophy and approach to Family Learning rests upon 2 key principles; firstly, a recognition that maximising the potential of our pupils requires engagement and support with all significant others in a young person's life, and secondly, an understanding among those who work with our young people of our school's wider context, in economic terms, and socially and culturally. Our school motto, `Build Respect and Earn Success', emphasises this philosophy, with its final message encouraging all within the school community to `Be Part of It!'. We encourage families to engage in school life but also seek help and support from school. This sets the tone and encourages learning at home through family activities. Our goal is to ensure that families are inherently involved in all aspects of our school's activity, thereby generating that `glue' which binds the school community together.

Our plan for Family Learning is one of sustainability as we look to build the capacity of programmes already in place and introduce new approaches based on identified needs and interests. Having input from our families allows us to collaborate and develop programmes that will truly benefit learners and their families.

Our approach to Family Learning is very much based on the belief that such activity helps develop "stronger home learning environments" and a recognition of the role of parents/carers as the "first educator".

Please find below our latest presentation to the Braes Parent Council:

Family Learning Parent Council Presentation

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