Health and Well-being

Welcome to the Health and Wellbeing Faculty

Health and well-being (HWB) is fundamental to the overall success of all our pupils at Braes High School. As a HWB faculty we aim to ensure all pupils have an in-depth understanding of every aspect of HWB so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle, successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want out of life. Our two link departments of Physical Education and Home Economics offer a rich and wide range of courses and experiences which enable pupils to be successful and healthy. Physical education allows pupils to engage in a diverse range of challenging and exciting learning experiences contributing to their Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional wellbeing. Home economics ensures pupils learn and develop valuable and transferrable skills that will be vital for life, the world of work and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our immensely dedicated team of staff consistently provide support, excellent learning experiences and countless extra curricular opportunities across the school. All of which helps HWB to be recognised as vitally important amongst our young people and helps build a strong affinity so pupils use the skills learned here throughout the rest of their life.

Kevin Smith

Faculty Head of Health & Wellbeing

Ian Fergus

Teacher of PE

Darren Yeates

Teacher of PE/Principal Teacher Cluster

Lauren Tapley

Teacher of PE

Brendan Smith

Teacher of PE

Ruth Kelly

Teacher of PE/Principal Teacher Family Learning

Gayle Dalgleish

Teacher of PE

Susan Ferguson

Teacher of PE

Tom Holt

Teacher of PE

Ross Ledger

Teacher of PE

Aileen Sinclair

Teacher of Home Economics

Nicole Sullivan

Teacher of Home Economics

Home Economics

Physical Education