Our vision for Literacy at Braes High School began it's journey four years ago when we decided to look beyond the work done in the English Department and become a school where Literacy truly is a responsibility for all. This has involved considering the role Literacy plays in unlocking attainment in every subject even those where Literacy skills would initially appear to be of less value. This has involved Literacy planning, assessment, moderation and tracking right across a range of subject areas while using the guidance and expertise of our QUAMSOs to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of how Literacy impacts on the learning experience of each of our young people:

  • Cross Faculty Moderation of Literacy between English+Media Faculty and Humanities, Creative, HWB and Science faculties
  • Development of Literacy based Cross Curricular Science IDL project
  • OTB Tracking of Literacy for BGE reports to parents/carers
  • Humanities Faculty tracking and assessment reflection sessions
  • Whole School Literacy Correction Code
  • Whole School Literacy Moderation during School Improvement CSI
  • Whole School QUAMSO led moderation and reflection sessions
  • Literacy Focus within S1 Core Skills Course

At the beginning of our Literacy journey, it became clear that there was not a consistent approach to all aspects of Literacy across our Cluster with the widest differential gap found in the primary to secondary transition process. Through significant cluster wide collaboration - in the form of the Literacy Cluster Working Group - we have worked to develop a consistency with regards to learning and teaching and moderation and assessment. Our long-term target is to ensure our learners' experience from early years, to primary to secondary through both the BGE and Senior Phase is one which provides a golden thread of attainment for each individual learner. We believe we have made positive and collaborative progress toward our goal in recent sessions:

  • Cluster Wide Correction Code
  • Introduction of Literacy based transition days - The Braes Chase
  • Shared language for learning and teaching to maximise rigor and challenge in transition from primary to secondary
  • Moderation of all Literacy Levels
  • Reverse engineered needs analysis of assessment journey from Level 5 backwards
  • Introduction of Cluster Wide Literacy Transition Text
  • Joint moderation of transition work in both reading and writing informed by shared QUAMSO sessions
  • Literacy focused primary visits by secondary staff
  • Collegiate development of assessment materials to support teacher judgement and to develop a shared understanding of the breadth of the Literacy learning journey through the BGE from all perspectives.