P7 Transition

Welcome to our Braes Cluster Primary 7 Transition page!

We were really looking forward to welcoming you, and your parents/carers, to Braes High School throughout this year to introduce to your school, our staff and some of your fellow pupils. Unfortunately, we are not able to see you in school at the moment so we thought it would be good to have one place where you can come to find lots of information and activities that will help you get to know our school before you join us in August.

New resources will be added to this page regularly and I will stay in contact with your primary school teachers so that they can help you too.
I hope you enjoy the activities we provide and I look forward to meeting you all as soon as I can!

Miss Wilkinson

P7 Transition 2021

23 April 2021

Dear P7 pupils / parents
I hope you all had a lovely holiday and are excited to be back in school for Summer term, I know we are really happy to have all of our secondary pupils back in school this week!

In the coming weeks we have a number of resources that will be coming out to you to help you further prepare for your transition to Braes High School after the Summer, please remember to check this page where you can find everything that we are sharing through our primaries, and we hope to be able to offer some further live interactions for pupils and parents.

To start this term our Head Teacher, Mr Livingstone, wanted to write to you all so I have attached his letter. We have also arranged a STEM based activity pack through Fife College which will be coming to you through your primaries (or delivered to our young people who are not in a cluster primary) at some point over the next week or two, I hope you enjoy completing the activities included.

Miss Wilkinson

31 March 2021

Hi to all of our P7 pupils and families

Our Pastoral Heads have been visiting our P7 cluster classes over the last couple of weeks and our young people have been asking lots of good questions so I thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the questions so everyone has the answers.

Because of the current circumstances we don't have the answers to some of your questions and for others, we will be sending you information next term but I will try to answer the ones that lots of people asked.

Have a lovely holiday!
Miss Wilkinson

P7 FAQs March 2021

26 March 2021

We would normally gather information from our young people and families during your visits to the school so we need to do that in a different way this session and while we are working hard with our cluster primaries we need your help this year too.

Please complete the form which you can access from the link below and include any questions you would like us to answer in our inputs over the coming weeks.

P7 transition - family form - March 2021

This week we are sharing a resource from BBC Bitesize that gives our primary 7 pupils and families lots of advice about starting secondary school.

Click on the image to take you to the BiteSize resource.

19 March 2021

Hi Braes High School Primary 7 pupils and families

Now that you have been given the opportunity to see and hear about the subjects that you will study in Braes High School, I thought it would be good for you to see an S1 Braes High School timetable.

The timetable not only tells you about your subjects, teachers and classrooms but also gives you information about our school day; when the school day starts, break and lunch times and when the school day ends.

Please try to answer the questions that have been given to help you practice with the timetable.
I have also included some extra challenges for you to try for fun!

Braes HS Timetable and Challenges

More videos and information will be sent out this term and the Summer term and pupils will get the chance to meet staff from Braes and ask questions. I will also be sending out a form to gather questions and information from families.

Miss Wilkinson

11 March 2021

Hello to all of our primary 7 pupils and families.

This input gives you a short virtual tour of our school building and provides you with a glimpse of what lessons at Braes High School will look like for you when you become a Braes High School pupil.

To watch the short tour with two of our pupils, Gracie and Robin, please click on the video below to watch on our YouTube channel. This will let you see what it looks like for our young people moving around the school.

Virtual Tour

To enter our curricular tour please click on the link below

Braes High School Curricular Information

We have designed the tour to let you get to know where departments are in school. To access the Faculty and Department videos please click on the different floor numbers including the E for entrance and ground floor.

A massive thank you to all the staff and pupils who have contributed to the information for our P7 pupils and in creating videos.

Miss Wilkinson

1st Feb 2021

First of all, I thought it would be good for you to see some of the things that have been happening in Braes High School this session, both when our young people were in school and during this school closure. You will see that there is always lots of great work happening.

Follow the links below to read our Braes Bulletin from

Braes Spring 2021 Bulletin

12 March 2021 Braes Bulletin

26 February 2021 Braes Bulletin

5 February 2021 Braes Bulletin

You can also find lots of information (that may be of interest to your parents/carers) in our school Prospectus for next session 2021/22.

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