Restorative Approaches

Restorative Approaches

In Braes High School we use Restorative Approaches for Behaviour Management. What is a Restorative Approach?

  • It focuses on the harm caused rather than the rules broken.
  • It shows equal concern and commitment to all those involved.
  • It supports the person harmed by giving them a chance to have a say in what happens
  • It supports the person responsible, by providing an opportunity to accept
  • responsibility and make amends.
  • It recognises that the school is a community and its members have a responsibility to behave in a respectful manner towards each other.

Restorative Conversation

Restorative Conversation When an incident takes place staff can sometimes resolve it by having a Restorative Conversation with the pupil(s). The pupil(s) is asked to say what happened and what they are going to do to make things right. This allows the pupil(s) the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and change in a positive way.

If a serious incident takes place a member of the Senior Management Team can set up a Restorative Conference to which all those involved are invited, including parent(s)/carer(s). Everyone involved is given an opportunity to say how they have been affected by the incident. An agreed "action plan" is then drawn up which records the actions that will be carried out to repair the harm that has been caused and the steps that will be taken by the pupil(s) to prevent a recurrence of the harmful behaviour.