School Captains

School Captains

As School Captains and Vice captains of Braes High School, we warmly welcome you. Braes High School provides a strong sense of friendship and community which we believe to be essential during your time at school. Every single pupil who steps foot through the front door is given every opportunity available to grow into outstanding members of the community.

Our school motto - "Build Respect And Earn Success - Be Part Of It" perfectly encapsulates the values and ethos which exists in our school. This is in place from S1 to S6 helping to create a balanced and equal working environment where all pupils are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our roles as Braes' Captaincy team allows us to take on positions of responsibility within our school which includes overseeing the work of our School Leadership Academy. This entails helping our Leadership Captains to perform their duties to the best of their ability and assisting them with more demanding tasks. We often attend Senior Management Team meetings which we feel creates a strong link between staff and pupils, and allows the voice of pupils to be heard by the highest levels of school management, which adds to the inclusive nature of the school. As a team, we also represent Braes High School within our local community, attending Remembrance Services, as well as events at other schools in the area.

Our time at Braes has been thoroughly enjoyable and we are certain that all pupils will be given the opportunity to excel and enjoy life at Braes High just like we have.