Senior Phase

Senior Phase

Senior Phase (S4-S6)
Our Senior Phase Curriculum has been designed to allow pupils to build upontheir experiences and knowledge gained from the BGE whilst continuing to develop the four capacities and achieve academic and personal success.

Our Senior Phase curriculum aims to provide specialisation, depth and rigour and prepares them to gain the best set of qualifications by the end of their school career, allowing them to achieve a positive and sustained destination beyond school.

Braes High School recognises the importance of creating flexible curricular pathways in order to provide our young people the opportunity to fully develop their skills and provide scope for staff to introduce well considered innovations to meet the needs of all learners. For some individuals this can include appropriate presentation for courses linked to ability, rather than age and stage. For some young people, our 32 periods-a-week model is adapted through partnerships with college, employers and other partners. Braes High School has an open and flexible approach to supporting all young people, including those with Additional Support Needs (ASN) and Social and Emotional Behavioural Needs (SEBN).

As well as studying PSE, PE and RMPS, pupils in S4 study up to 6 subjects which lead to National Qualifications. Pupils are offered free choice when electing their courses to ensure flexibility and personalisation for all. We offer a wide variety of subjects from National 1-5 and our aim is that all pupils attain a minimum of five National Qualifications by the end of S4. To further maximise achievement, pupils can gain further qualifications where appropriate. Pupils who are considering leaving school at the end of S4 to pursue a college course can choose the SCOTS course (School -College Opportunities to Succeed) at Forth Valley College. We also have a range of bespoke transition courses which develop skills for work for young people moving beyond school.

As pupils enter S5, our young people further specialise in five of their six subjects which can include National 1-5 courses and Higher courses. We offer opportunities for students to embark upon a range of college courses such as Foundation Apprenticeships and Higher National Certificates. In addition, pupils in S5/6 select a Personal Development option which allows them to further develop skills relevant to their chosen pathway.

As pupils progress into S6, they can enhance their existing qualifications by studying up to a further five subjects, either through further specialisation or breadth in National courses such as National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher.

Braes High School operates under the Falkirk Council Consortia arrangements which facilitates the opportunity to study particular subjects which we are not able to offer. This is essential in ensuring our young people are supported in moving towards their chosen destination.