Study Support

Study Support

Supported study is offered in a wide range of ways within the Technologies faculty in order to help raise attainment and improve outcomes for the young people of Braes High.

Faculty Supported Study

The faculty introduced a supported study style café. The café provided pupils with snack and had a more laid-back feel than our traditional supported study sessions. The sessions are run by teachers within the faculty and allowed pupils to build strong relationships with staff they may not see on a regular basis. The numbers increased dramatically and the feedback from pupils has been very positive. Pupils are now more confident about their exams.

Focus Day Sessions

Focus day sessions were put in place to help raise confidence in our young people. Staff target pupils they think require extra support/time in order to achieve. These sessions have been a great success. Pupils involved are able to work in a small group environment with class teachers which has helped build pupil confidence

One on One Sessions

Staff are always happy to make time to support pupils on a one to one level, particularly around exam time. Pupils are identified through referrals or at their request. This is often done in conjunction with Pastoral staff who allow pupils to use PSE time to work with subject teachers.