Faculty of Creative Arts

Braes High School Art and Design Exhibition 2020

Updated PE Guidance, November 2020

Creative Arts Faculty - Practical Working Update for Parents and Carers

Welcome to the Creative Arts Faculty.

We are a collection of subjects, including Art & Design, Drama, Music and Music Technology, who deliver skills and qualifications which contribute to the U.K.'s third highest earning employment sector, Creative Industries.

Brian Morris

Faculty Head of Expressive Arts


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Mrs Macleod

Teacher of Art & Design


BA (Hons) Textile Design School of Textiles & Design Heriot Watt University PGDE Art & Design University of Strathclyde

Mr Bennett

Teacher of Art & Design


BArch(Hons) PGDipArch Architecture Glasgow School of Art PGDE Art & Design University of Strathclyde

Mrs Corsie

Teacher of Art & Design


BDes (Hons) Jewellery & Metal Design Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design PGDE Art & Design University of Strathclyde

Ms Taylor

Teacher of Drama/Principal Teacher PEF


Team Drama are here to help support our young people develop an interest in drama and theatre whether on or off stage. We're all about building confidence, encouraging creativity, and exploring the creative arts. Innovate, Create, Collaborate.

Emma Shanks

Teacher of Drama

Linda Clarke

Teacher of Music

Samantha Niven

Teacher of Music

Art & Design Department

Art & Design Pupil Galleries

Braes Big Draw


Braes Big Draw Family Learning Challenge 2020

Thank you to all our amazing Braes Families that participated in the Braes Big Draw Challenge 2020. Have a look at the wonderful responses we have received so far, inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy.
It's never to late to Be Part of It, tag your natural sculptures @braesart_design and enjoy connecting with your natural environment.

Drama Department

Music Department

Faculty of English and Media

Welcome to the English and Media faculty at Braes High School.

We believe that a high level of fluency in English is a key factor in unlocking the curriculum across the school; a high level of critical media literacy is essential to navigate the modern world. The English and Media faculty are a team of dedicated professionals who work collaboratively to encourage a desire to learn, critical thinking and respect for every individual.

What we expect in this faculty:

Rigour - if it is worth doing, then do it to the best of your ability.
Aspiration - always try to be the best version of you, everyone else is already taken.
Perseverance - never give up on yourself, because we never will.

Higher English Folio Advice

Higher English and Mathematics Youtube Resource

Mark Rooney

Faculty Head of English and Media

Emma Horne

Teacher of English

Garry McIntosh

Teacher of English and Media

Heather Stevenson

Teacher of English

Lucy Coyle

Teacher of English

Kerry Smith

Teacher of English

Molly Rae

Teacher of English

Ross Macleod

Teacher of English

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to the Health and Wellbeing Faculty

Health and well-being (HWB) is fundamental to the overall success of all our pupils at Braes High School. As a HWB faculty we aim to ensure all pupils have an in-depth understanding of every aspect of HWB so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle, successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want out of life. Our two link departments of Physical Education and Home Economics offer a rich and wide range of courses and experiences which enable pupils to be successful and healthy. Physical education allows pupils to engage in a diverse range of challenging and exciting learning experiences contributing to their Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional wellbeing. Home economics ensures pupils learn and develop valuable and transferrable skills that will be vital for life, the world of work and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our immensely dedicated team of staff consistently provide support, excellent learning experiences and countless extra curricular opportunities across the school. All of which helps HWB to be recognised as vitally important amongst our young people and helps build a strong affinity so pupils use the skills learned here throughout the rest of their life.

Brendan Smith

Faculty Head of Health & Wellbeing

Gayle Dalgleish

Teacher of PE

Alex McCaffery

Teacher of PE

Ross Ledger

Teacher of PE

Trevyn Ronald

Teacher of PE

Susan Ferguson

Teacher of PE

Laura Stirling

Teacher PE

Nicole Sullivan

Teacher of Home Economics

Aileen Sinclair

Teacher of Home Economics

Home Economics

Physical Education

Faculty of Humanities

Welcome to Humanities

Humanities, with their disciplines of location, selection, classification and evaluation of material in a wide variety of forms have an important role to fill. They give knowledge, understanding; method of procedure; the making of informed choice; and the formulation of critical and constructive questions. The testing of values form a background of informed opinion brings a measure of understanding to the modern world.

Employers recognise the ability to locate, gather, select, interpret and communicate findings as integral bi-products of the study of the Humanities, and subsequently, look favourably on such applicants.

"[A man] must learn to understand the motives of human beings, their illusions, and their sufferings in order to acquire a proper relationship to individual fellow-men and to the community. These precious things ... primarily constitutes and preserves culture. This is what I have in mind when I recommend the humanities as important."

Albert Einstein

Julie Martin

Faculty Head of Humanities

Graeme Bell

Teacher of Geography/ History/ Modern Studies

Caroline Jones

Teacher of History / Modern Studies

Aimee Beattie

Teacher of Modern Studies

Claire Godfrey

Teacher of History / Modern Studies

Kayleigh Graham

Teacher Modern studies / History

Mhairi Jessup

Teacher of History

Emma Menzies

Teacher of RMPS

Samantha Wilson -McCaww

Teacher of RMPS

Fiona Williamson-Jones

Teacher of RMPS

Niamh Waddell

Teacher Modern Studies / History

Faculty Mathematics

Welcome to Braes High Mathematics Department.

On this part of the website you will find information and materials on all of the courses we offer.

In S1-S3 pupils follow a broad general education course. This course covers a variety of topics to give them a flavour of Mathematics at Secondary school level. The courses have two main strands: Algebra and Numeracy. Each block of work also covers another key skill from the Level 3 or 4 outcomes.

Pupils in S1 will re-enforce their numeracy knowledge and skills using Numeracy Ninjas, ensuring they have sufficient numerical fitness.

At the end of each Block pupils will have the responsibility of evaluating their own learning and minimal time will be spent in class doing this, hence they must treat it as homework or revision material. We would encourage all parents/carers to get involved in this. Learning evaluation packs will be issued to pupils to help with this revision. Pupils will be required to master each topic before progressing, hence consolidation of content will be required where specific weaknesses are identified. Teachers will provide feedback and opportunities for corrective teaching and extension work where appropriate.

Pupils move into the senior phase is S4 where we offer a range of courses at different levels

Nat 3
Applications of Mathematics

National 4
Applications of Mathematics

National 5
Applications of Mathematics

Statistics Unit
Applications of Mathematics (from session 2021-2022)

Advanced Higher
Statistics (Offered as a self-teaching course with support from staff)

There is also an opportunity for pupils to complete the Numeracy Unit at an appropriate level.

Pupils in the senior phase undertake weekly low stakes assessments to help them with their ongoing studies and allow staff to track any misconceptions and provide support to young people where appropriate. This is backed up by weekly supported study session available both at lunch and after school.

In addition, end of block assessments are in place to ensure pupils are regularly exposed to exam style question under exam conditions and revision booklets provided to support young people with these.

There is a wide range of additional opportunities for pupils to engage in mathematics. These include Puzzle of the Week, UKMT Team and Individual Challenge, and Young Mathematician of the Year. In the senior phase we also run Pizza Evenings, Study Breakfasts and Braes Study Camp (along with English Faculty)

Higher English and Mathematics Youtube Resource

Leanne Simpson

Faculty Head of Maths

Claire Haggon

Faculty Head of Mathematics

Tracey Jennings

Teacher of Maths

Donna Paterson

Teacher of Mathematics

Sharon Robins

Teacher of Maths

Claire O'Donnell

Teacher of Mathematics

Rachel Cameron

Teacher of Maths

Faculty of Modern Languages

Welcome to the Languages Faculty.

Gillian McDonald

Faculty Head of Modern Languages

Susan Dunn

Teacher of Modern Languages

Linda Murray

Teacher of Modern Languages

Andrew Young

Teacher of Modern Languages

Modern Languages

Faculty of Science

Welcome to the Science Faculty.

The Science Faculty promotes knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts, facts, ideas and techniques and the applications of science in society and industry.

Biology gives us knowledge and understanding of how all animals, plants and other living things depend on each other and how our bodies work. We can all learn about new discoveries such as biotechnology and genetics and find out how they help in finding new cures for diseases and improving food production.

Chemistry is important in everyday life to help us understand the nature of many materials we use, such as plastic, fuel and metals. We can find out how substances are made up and how chemical reactions can change things. A course in Chemistry will be very useful for a wide range of careers in Science and Medicine.

Physics helps us to understand how and why things work. Many things we depend on, such as transport, power and modern technology are based on the laws of Physics.

Physics continues to become increasingly important for entry to Further and Higher Education Courses at all levels and is relevant for a great variety of jobs.

Science Faculty - Return to Practical Information for Parents and Carers

John McLean

Teacher of Physics

Stuart Campbell

Teacher of Physics

Pamela Sneddon

Teacher of Physics

Gillian Kinloch

Teacher of Chemistry

Claire Wardlaw

Teacher of Chemistry

Nick Gowans

Teacher of Chemistry

Sarah McQuade

Teacher of Biology

Dr Jenny Quinlan

Teacher of Biology

Louise Robinson

Teacher of Biology

Kelly Mackie

Teacher of Biology

Faculty of Technologies

The Faculty of Technologies is focussed on developing the application of knowledge and skills to extend our learner's capabilities, to help satisfy human needs and wants. We are committed to achieving equity and excellence through the continual innovation of our curriculum. With the technologies curriculum area we are particularly interested in contexts that provide scope for developing technological skills, knowledge, understanding and attributes through creative, practical and work-related activities.

Ian Vosser

Faculty Head of Technology

Alasdair Smith

Teacher of Computing

Alan Grant

Teacher of Computing

Michelle Shaw

Teacher of Business Education

Nicola Buchanan

Teacher of Business Education

Leah Kinnear

Teacher of Technology

Ellen Reid

Teacher of Technology